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Moved the blog to hosted WordPress. Business as usual.


omg cats in space!!!

omg cats in space!!!.


Tiny House Swoon

I love tiny houses…

Tiny House Swoon.

The Belafonte — Familytree

The Belafonte — Familytree.

Somebody needs to buy this.

And it needs to be me.


Bookshelf Pron

Don’t be alarmed….be inspired.

La Vie Velominatus: The Choice

“The Cyclist is a unique character among the others. While the artist suffers because they must; the Cyclist suffers because they choose. To me, the greatest artist is that who chooses to suffer, and who discovers the beauty in that choice. I am proud to call myself a Cyclist.”

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Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

I sometimes think that I would get more done, be more productive, and generally contribute more to my environment (work, family, church…etc) if I were to follow a strict daily schedule that consisted of time to do the most important things…whatever they may be. Reading the routines of many great writers, there seems to be a mix of those without any kind of structure to those with a somewhat rigid order of events, at least when they talk about it. None of them, however, compare to that of the BF’ing President…Benjamin Franklin. See below for his daily itinerary of business.

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule